TOUGH-EX (UL Listed)

Kemex Brand TOUGH-EX Dry Chemical powder specially for the fire extinguishing powder for Class B,C & E is a complex mixture of Potassium Bi Carbonate & Urea reaction product called. Potassium Allophonate which is capable of Fire Fighting on Heavy duty basis, base product Allophonate is blended with other filler materials, anti caking additive & silicon oil for better free flow as well as Water Repellence properties, Kemex Brand TOUGH-EX is five times more effective than other type of powder Kemex Brand TOUGH-EX dry chemical powder having low density & fine microns extinguishes fires on large surface area and fire knowing down properties very high it is compatible with all type of foam.





Kemex Tough-EX is does not Contain harmful ingredients, it is environmental friendly, non-Toxic to humans and animals


Properties KEMEX Tough-Ex
Apparent Density 0.794 +/- 0.050 gm/ml
Hygoscopicity < 2.5%
Water Repellence < 1.5%
Moisture Content < 0.25%
Application Density Min.0.62kg/m2
Packed Chamber Test Passes


Should be store in a dry location in original 25kg HDPE drums until required for use to ensure a long storage life Tough-EX uses Special high performance free flowing additives & hydrophobing agents to ensure it with stands extreme climatic condition & provides easy handling during filling operations.


Kemex Brand TOUGH-EX is Available in 5kg/ 10kg/ 25kg. Packed in hermetically sealed in polyethylene HDPC bags than packed in HDPE Drums.