Kemex Filling & Storage Plant for fire Suppression Systems

Kemex Filling & Storage Plant for fire suppression systems is for Re-claiming, Re-certifying & Re-filling of various cylinders filled with gases like FM200 (HFC227ea), FE 236, Novec1230, Halon 1211, 1301 & 2402
Capacity: This Plant can do Re-Claiming, Re-Certifying & Re-Filling of cylinders with capacity ranging from 40 liters to 180 liters with a pressure range of 25 bar to 42 bar.

The List of Gases that can be filled are as follows:

  • HFC227ea (Heptafluoropropane).
  • Novec 1230 (Fluorinated Ketone).
  • HFC 236 (Hexafluoropropane).
  • Halon 1211, 1301 & 2402.

The process is described in three stages as follows:


The cylinders in the fire suppression systems needs periodic check & maintenance & certification for the same the cylinders are removed from the system & taken to the plant. These cylinders are super pressured with nitrogen to 25bar or 42bar. The fire suppression gas needs to be recovered from the cylinder. Cylinder is attached to Kemex Reclaiming Machine for the same & gas is recovered by maintaining cylinder inner atmosphere to -20oc. There is significant amount of gas loss occurs during reclaiming which is at a much lower quantity than others due to additional safety features in Kemex Reclaiming Machine.


The emptied cylinders are tested for hydrostatic stretch test subject to five years from the date of manufacturing as per, Gas Cylinders Rule (2004) & IS: 5844. Also the gas in cylinder reclaimed is checked for purity by using Gas Analyzer and Gas Chromatography.
The certificate for the cylinder HT test is issued which is approved by Chief Controller of Explosives.


Vacuum a cylinder before filling

Before the cylinder filled with gas it needs to be vacuumed to remove left impurities if any of previous filled gas in the cylinder. We have IHVP MAKE vacuum pump (model IVP 250) & is a direct drive rotary double stage high vacuum pump. Cylinders are vacuumed to a range from -400 to -760mm of hg pressure.

Procedure for filling of cylinders:

Pump is connected between two manifolds one is inlet manifold & other one is outlet manifold Pump is driven by compressed air at 6.5 kg/cm2. Compressor is having the safety relief valve calibrated at 8.0kg /cm2. Each manifold have a separate safety relief valves set at 12 kg/cm2. Mother cylinder will be connected to inlet manifold & cylinder to be filled will be connected to outlet manifold by flexible hose & cylinder will be placed on weigh scale & filled. The cylinder will be super pressure with nitrogen to 25bar or 42 bar & will be checked for leak test.