Hazmat Foam Acidic Spill

Kemex Brand Hazmat-AC Foam is a superior Quality good quality of synthetic Foam Concentrate Used at 3% & 6 % Conc. for suppress the acid vapors suitable for used in aspirating, Non-aspirating Nozzle & medium foam Generator ,foam expansion depends on foam making devices Hazmat -AC Foam for acidic spill its ability to drain very slowly, stable blanket for long time & uniform bubble structure on surface of All type of Acids spills.


Kemex Brand Hazmat-AC Foam is suitable on Acidic Spills on building, production area, wear House by using suitable foam making device, but can not applied forceful on acids surface By using Hazmat-AC Foam helps to control acidic vapor release & also good stability on the Acidic Spills to Prevent surrounding area from acidic Vapors.


Appearance Pale yellow viscous liquid
Sp. Gravity 1.0 - 1.05
Miscibility in water Miscible
Viscocity Max 1300Cst
pH 4.5 - 5.5


Storage in Kemex Original Supplied Containers, stored within the -5℃ to 50℃ shelf life of material is 5 years can be expected subject to store in our supplied packing’s, the store place shall be free from dampness, well Ventilated And the container shall not be directly exposed to the Sunrays.


Kemex Brand Hazmat-AC Foam is Available in 20/30/50/100/200 Lirs. Jerry Cans/Drums.