Kemex – OSD Nex-Gen is a type –II / III water based concentrate liquid, it is a combination of surfactants , solvent & stabilizer, its Free from Prohibited ingredients like chlorinated hydrocarbons, Benzene, CTC Cresols, phenols caustic, alkali & mineral acid. Oil Spill Dispersant do not destroy the oil but helps in the natural dispersion of oil that effects the dispersant under very specific condition like depth of water, atmospheric conditions & sea state. The quantity of Dispersant to be used will depend on the amount & nature of oil spilled & the prevailing environmental condition all these factors will have a great effect on the success of chemical dispersion. Kemex – OSD Nex-Gen Tested & Approved by National Institute of Oceanography – GOA. Dispersant efficiency, Dispersant stability & Acute toxicity using Bombay High Crude oil (BHCO). Its applied oil spilled on water they interface in such way that the interfacial tension between oil & water is reduced .This promotes the formation of finely dispersed oil droplets with a combined surface area much greater than the original oil Slick, Dispersant Efficiency Type II & Type III meets the requirement As per Coast Guard (2009),. Kemex OSD Nex-Gen Type II/III formed fairly stable emulsion with BHCO Crude oil. Kemex OSD Nex-Gen Belongs Non-Toxic category at Type II & Practically non toxic category at Type III. Also the product meets the Requirements of warren spring laboratory (WSL), UK & Indian Coast Guard (ICG 2009).



Kemex –OSD Nex-Gen Type II / Type III Combination: This is a new type of dispersant manufactured both for undiluted spraying from aircraft and for sea by water dilution prior to spraying using sea going vessels. The advantage of this dispersant is that any organization need not store type II and type III dispersant separately. When used for Type II application dilute 1part dispersant with 10 parts water (fresh or sea) for type III application, use undiluted and spray 1 part dispersant onto 20-30 parts oil. In all cases the product should be sprayed by suitable spraying equipment and then agitated.



Properties KEMEX - OSD Nex- Gen(TYPE-II/ TYPE-III )
Composition Blend of surfactant
Appearances Colorless to pale yellow liquid
pH 8.00 +/- 0.5
Sp. Gravity 1.027 +/- 0.01
Miscibility Completely Miscible
Freezing point Flowable at -5℃
Flash point > 60 0C


Storage in Kemex Original Supplied Containers, stored within the 0℃ to 50℃ shelf life of material is 10 years can be expected subject to store in our supplied packing’s, the store place shall be free from dampness, well Ventilated and the container shall not be directly exposed to the Sunrays.


Kemex OSD Nex-Gen TYPE-II / TYPE-III is Available in 20/30/50/100/200 Lirs. Jerry Cans/Drums.