AFFF 1% Foam

Kemex Brand AFFF1% (Aqueous film Formation Foam) concentrate is formulated by Flouro chemical C6 Chemisty And hydrocarbon surfactants & solvent, it is excellent for extinguishing Hydrocarbons fuel fire. Initially aqueous film is formed which prevent the release of fuel vapor, The foam blanket forms aqueous film on fuel surface water presents in foam it helps to cooling the fuel temperature.


  • Meet the requirement as per IS: 4989 : 2006 Approved.
  • European Standard EN -1568-3 Approved.
  • By any third party Inspection Agency like Lloyds, DNV & BV etc


  • Kemex AFFF is available in 1% concentrate.
  • It is suitable for Tap water & Sea water.
  • Flowable at 00C ,suitable for low and medium foam making equipment.
  • Best fire fighting choice for high risk like Aviation, petroleum product storage area.
  • Compatible with all types of dry chemical powder like SBC, MAP & Potassium Base Dry Chemical powder.
  • It can be used in affixed system water spray or sprinkler system & also suitable for aspirating & non aspirating System.


Kemex AFFF 1% is environmentally friendly it is non toxic & biodegradable.


Properties KEMEX AFFF 1%
Appearance Golden Yellow Liquid
pH 6.5 - 8.5
Sp. Gravity 1.0 - 1.12
Miscibility Miscible
Viscocity Max 20Cst
Freezing Point Flowable At 0℃
Expansion 6 - 12
25% Drainage Time 1 Min. 30 Sec


Storage in Kemex original supplied containers, stored within the -5℃ to 50℃ shelf life of material is 10years can be expected subject to store in our supplied packing’s, the store place shall be free from dampness, well ventilated And the container shall not be directly exposed to the Sunrays.


Kemex Brand AFFF 1% FOAM is Available in 20/30/50/100/200 Lirs. Jerry Cans/ Drums